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Weight Loss Spell Jar and Sigil Pin

Weight Loss Spell Jar and Sigil Pin

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Well, it’s February and have you already lost interest in “ New Year, New You”, bullshit?

don’t give up! Losing weight and making a lifetime. Change is friggin hard work!

I have lost over 23 pounds (I cast my spell last fall) just by using my spell jar and committing to using my own magickal strength to transform.

Don’t misunderstand… You don’t just light a candle and recite a chant. You really have to commit to being healthy and changing your eating and exercise routine. But, witches are some of the most powerful beings on the planet, and they have used spellcasting to support the wishes of many people. Why not tap into that power?

You can do this!

And it’s cheaper and way more empowering than WW, or Noom, or any other weight loss program, because the energy comes from your own strength!!!

And BTW…you are beautiful as you are!


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