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Belly Acres Farm Studio

Spirit Witch

Spirit Witch

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OOAK Art Dolls created just for you, using upcycled materials and shit from my studio!

"Jot a hex, a wish, or spell onto a little note. Close your eyes and take a breath, then jam it down her throat"

Each effigy is stuffed with anger, determination, polyfil, and the tears of my enemies.

No two are ever alike!

There is a zipper pocket that holds the notes and pencil (btw, the pencil is quality Prismacolor, not some shitty golf pencil. Only the BEST for you!)

Each idol comes with a history of the materials used. This particular witch was created from some dead woman's dress, and tacky throw pillows. I suspect the wings are from some barfly's hotpants.

She has a hanger on the back, as all effigies should be hung.


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