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Prosperity Spell Jar and Sigil Pin

Prosperity Spell Jar and Sigil Pin

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So, it seems like you’re always struggling to pay the bills, repay student loans, and you haven’t had a vacation in years.

You’ve played the lottery, considered money laundering (hey it works for Marty Byrde), and you even considered asking dad for a loan.

Why not consider powerful Wicca magick?

Daily use of a spiritually, charged spell jar, and reciting and incantation, just might conjure up an opportunity to increase your income. Directions for use and charging your jar are included, along with a list of blessed inclusions.

And there’s a sensual pin for you to wear, to keep that energy burning all day… And maybe attract a financial windfall!!!

Gambling can be addictive, prison ain’t nearly as much fun as you might think, and asking dad… Ha ha!

It’s worth a shot!!!


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